I love how the community is woven together

The title is self explanatory.
Namaste, everybody. :smile:


We all love the same thing :hyde: . I MEAN EVOLVE. yeah… evolve…


I think this thread could do the opposite, given the right push in the wrong direction. We’re like a family that bickers a lot, over the same thing.


Yep, the community on the forum is for the most part really cool :smile:


You couldn’t have said it better :smiley:

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And bob, gotta show bob some love :smiley:

We’re a family? Who’s the father, mother, crazy aunt, badass grandma and family pet? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m the bad grandpa xD
10 chars

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@ToiletWraith seems to be rubbing off on you lol

I would name the devs as the parents, everyone else is like uncles and aunts.

Pet? uhhh… Good question.

Mm…Hyde is nice. :slight_smile:

Probably DownLikeSyndrome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone remember that? Lol.


I’m the pet- I live in the toilet from time to time

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What am I? The unnervingly skilled hobo with a few screws missing living in the garage?

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Monster players are the terribly abused pets. Weird if you play both monster and hunter then.

A man-pet :stuck_out_tongue:

Remeber those sitcoms where the uncle was some tattooed motorcycling wierdo living in the basement?

Sven Sharp reporting for duty as uncle!

i even have a curly moustache! :slight_smile:

I’d like to establish myself as the person who’s outside the window stalking your family in this scenario, oh yeah and your dog that ran away a few days ago, that was me, I go through your trash and live on your roof

Not to be taken seriously

Yes. 10char

I am probably an uncle… the crazy uncle that all the kids get excited to see… Yeah. Or something idk.

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