I love how my topics about SLI are being deleted, and how old posts from the alpha are deleted


I had replies from the cofounder promising sli before launch, now I can’t hold you to your word. Then you delete my topics after they have a few replies with other people agreeing. Shitty PR.


Your old Alpha posts are still there, however they’re in the Alpha category which is now private. I deleted your topic because you were being aggressive for no reason. By all means ask questions but there’s no need to be so hostile.


Maybe don’t be a jerk? Just a suggestion.


You mean holding a developer accountable for a statement they made?


That’s fair enough, but the way you wrote the deleted topic was completely unnecessary. It can easily be done in a civil manner and you’re way more likely to get a response.


What good does that do me? They might as well be deleted. Aggressive for no reason. I didn’t try to incite a fight, talk bad about anyone, or anything. I said it is bullshit how a feature that was promised during the alpha/beta period hasn’t reached the game before launch.


I got responses, you deleted them.


Go home kid.


That wasn’t my doing so…

Arguably you did:

“Way to earn the PC trust with your first release dumbasses.”





Am I the only one who has never cared about SLI in any game?


Closing this topic. By all means make another, but change the way you’re approaching the situation and it’ll stay up.