I love gorgon!


but god damn do i get roflstomped by proper hunting parties. >_<


Can’t ambush a good team. D :


Unless you bait them… with Oreos.

~cues Illuminat music~


Bait them with skittles… So they can taste the rainbow… Of sorrow


Feel the rainbow…


So its not a good monster for someone new right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, she’s not amazing at high level play either. She takes the use of all of her abilities to be effective.


any new monster player is going to have a rough time. its most important to pick a monster who vibes with you, so if gorgon looks the best to you then even as a new player gorgon would be best choice imo


You’re welcome


Yea Gorgon’s a ton of fun, but using her against a well co-ordinated team is difficult. She is easily the best on capitlizing on mistakes, as all it takes one crack to appear the Hunter’s armor and everything for them falls to shit.

The only problem is breaking through initially can be VERY difficult with her, but when you trap the medic or support in a spider at just the right moment to catch everyone off guard… then the acid and webs fall on their faces and you get that amazing wall pounce its the most satisfying thing in the world.


eh shes like the weakest monster maybe just stronger then behemoth


I love her as well. Even fighting her. It’s a different dynamic when going against her.


I love her as well!! Although I dislike Mimic, I never use that ability >_<


started getting a lot better with her. i no longer use mimi. max web snare stage 2, with 2 points in trap, and 1 in spit. then max all three at three. much more my style just being up close and causing mayhem. shes kinda squishy so lots of risk for lots of reward.

i go feeding speed for quicker evolves since i cant afford too many dome fights not in my favor.


Love the monster but her wall pounce glitch is just to crippling right now, Lost 4 games because of it.


I am the only one using mimic as a defensive tool or to ambush? Srsly other abilities are working better if hunters have to shoot the mimic.


I only really use it to leave false tracks for the Hunters


Jeez people saying they don’t like mimic :smirk:

That thing is necessary the longer I play as gorgon the more you notice the lack of any real burst damage to threaten better teams. Honestly though I think people just don’t respect how differently the developers intend each monster to be played.


Well, it seems like the Devs agree with that, since Mimic is getting some love in the next update :smile:


It’s main issue is it’s the only monster ability in the game that can be hard countered by simple damage…

I don’t know if giving people the idea that the right method is to be able to use it in assaults face and face time more damage AND potentially still having your main source of burst damage shut down by simple damage cause your main burst ability has a 2 seconds arm time and can’t be used as immediate area denial. I think gorgon should be encouraged to play like the spider and make the hunters come to her