I love Gorgon Wall latch


its so fun to latch yourself into a wall,wich also reduces assaults damage ( because they rely on getting close to the monster,except torvald :torvald: hell wreck your shit if you stand there on the wall like a dingus,and Cabot :cabot: with his weapon that deals 300 Damage on a headshot…)


im so bad with her :thumbsdown:


I don´t use wall latch. Maybe there is a correlation? :smiley:

btw i am pretty amazing. i only lost 5 times but i have 13 death. @MrStrategio Do Mimics count as death? O_o


Back in my day, Gorgon was considered UP and had no burst damage what-so-ever. The only way to win was to wall-pounce the ever-living crap out of those hunters. Boy oh boy did that work wonders.

When Gorgon first came out wall-pouncing was my bread and butter. Nowadays I still use it if I see an opportunity, and it makes for a good way to chain into your next ability, but I no longer have to rely on it.
But yeah, I love the wall-hang too :slight_smile:


I’ve been having a hard time using wall-pounce. It shows the mark where it was supposed to land, but the pounce always land directly under Gorgon instead. Haven’t been able to catch many people like that.


Yeah there’s a bug where Mimic being destroyed gives a death on Gorgon’s page. They’ll fix it eventually but you’ll have those deaths forever now! :slight_smile:


When i see a gorgon wall latch i just go under it and spam mortars on its ugly face