I love Evolve, but think the rough start may kill it


I brough the Monster Race Edition.
I convinced six of my friends/family to purchase this game.
I have played it non-stop since I’ve had it, outside of other commitments.

I love Evolve, but it’s poor release will kill off this game.

The game is amazing, fun, and has fantastic gameplay. As far as I’m concerned, there’s enough content here to keep us going with much more to come!

BUT, this game has balancing issues, it has content issues, it has communication issues (IE. DLC), it has seen a lot of negative press.

Turtle Rock Studios, I know very little about it, but you seem to care for your community and are passionate with your creation. Do a CD Projekt; address the community with a detailed posted regarding your plans and commitments. Give us a roadmap of some description to people know what they are waiting for (not asking for dates, just what we should expect). Look at ways to balance the game; I know there’s an awful lot of discussion on the Wraith, myself also having problems with that particular monster, but regardless of YOUR opinion on it a lot of people are not happy and it will damage the game in the long run (pretty much see people leaving every Wraith game now). Add some more functionality (voice chat icon, votekick), add some more modes (Hardcore mode would be great, gals/girls).

You’ve made a fantastic game, but coupled with the few issues and negativity, people will lose interest fast. You need to communicate. I have faith in you. :slight_smile: