I love Daisy but she is soooo dumb sometimes


I play Maggie almost exclusively. Daisy is an amazing aid when it comes to finding the Monster. But when people are down she takes far too long to get to them. She is always 30 meters away and when two Hunters are down she just cannot make up her mind. I just played for the first time in 3 days (Work, yay.) and the last match I can play before I need to get ready for bed there were 2 Hunters down and she was staring the monster down. She was alerting us to his position while he was killing us. This can’t be intentional because that would be insane. Just give her a little social awareness please.


Was the other living player Lazarus? Daisy won’t heal when he is close and still alive.

Saying that, I’ve had games where she just wonders around aimlessly when I’m down and I’m like ‘HERE GIRL!..’


The worst part about Daisy is cancelling revives (when at like 99%) because the monster came too close :frowning:


my fav trapper is maggie because of daisy.

but yeah she does act very stupid sometimes. Most of the time she is awesome.

Once in rescue we were busy with the monster while Daisy revived all downed civilians and won us the game.

Other time she was stuck in tracking/sniffing mode while she was standing on top of my downed friend while we were fighting the monster in a dome.

I have a love and hate relationship with Daisy.


hHow old are you who have a relationship with a fantasy dog?


How old are you to be making a comment like this lmao?


Well i am old enough to have an degree i Psychology and i am curious if its adults who feel this way beacause i am trying to understand the fanboy mentality.


Yea I feel like she should have something to do in a fight other than standing around waiting for someone to die, or running up on the monster, quite stupidly, and getting herself killed.

I think something like when you hit 3 she could bite the monster to slow it down. Have it on a 15 second or so cooldown.

The majority of the time when the monster gets domed, she’s rather useless


You would think someone with a degree in Psych could tell when he was making a joke lol. Of course the guy doesn’t have an actual relationship with Daisy… Have you never heard that expression before?!?


I know about laz and I was playing with Caira. I don’t think she needs to attack the Monster her other two functions are way too useful for her to need a third. I just want her to work as described.


I think it can be very dangerous to switch to napalm without the quick switch perk in battle because so much can change in that second your switching to be honest. If you always have your heals out it’s pretty hard for the monster to out damage you if you hit most healing nades and use your heal burst well.


Daisy is perfect, I reject your reality and substitute my own. If she refuses to revive then she has her reasons…lol. If she just stands and dies it’s because she has too much honor to run. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: