I lost my winstreak unfairly


this was my last match. 401 winstreak.
we have some builders currently working on the house, and the internet went off randomly during a match.
Now i dont have it.
So fair, thank you trs.


how the hell did you get that winstreak?


AI Co-opt stomping.


I’l also add newbie monster stomping as well.


Let me understand this post

You played 401 games vs ai bots.
You had a win streak which should not even appear in the first place
Your power went down
You blame TRS for losing the streak

10/10 would sue trs


This about sums up my reaction.

@Hillbilly_Deathlord any memes to add?


Maybe use internet that does not go down randomly.


How have you endured 401 co-op match…? I am more impressed that you have that much patience.


So you’re blaming TRS for a fault at your end? Really?


10 trufss.


Yeah. because it takes it away if you leave mid match, if the evovle servers decide to go down and it disconnects everyone, i kept the streak. but when just me disconnects, i lose it. fair.


That’s actually quite fair…


It is always taken away if you disconnect during a match, doesn’t matter in what way


TRS giveth and TRS taketh away


Sometimes i wish winstreaks were removed because they are so superficial yet so incentivizing that people get enraged over losing them.


Not because of this event, but either way, they are pretty stupid. they removed showing people’s levels before matches, so why not wins


Without that- everyone would just turn off their internet before they lose, nobody would lose. They can’t do that, it doesn’t make sense. That’s why if you leave the game you lose. If TRS’s servers break mid-game they shouldn’t give people wins and losses for a game they didn’t finish, the game shouldn’t count.

Now I would understand if you feel like you should still win if your team wins, or if you want to be able to rejoin a game. But it’s not going to change your situation, it was your connection, complaining won’t help you now.


Perhaps you shouldn’t be playing when builders are working on your house in the first place.

And if your articially inflated winstreak was so important to you, why didn’t you get a backup power supply to prevent outages?

In b4 closed :smile_cat:


This is not a TRS issue, just bad timing.