I Lost my Best Friend Today


Just a word of warning…it’s not really safe for work…the feels. I’ve been trying to cope all week with the inevitability of today, but even though I’ve had all that time, it’s no easier, not by an ounce. If my tears could craft a way to Heaven I’d be on an express elevator up. I’ll be back on the forum when I can pick up my pieces. Love you guys.


Sleeeeedge ;_;
Clings to

I’m so sorry. :frowning:


My dear condolences to you and the family of said friend. Stay strong sledge, and good luck :wink:

EDIT: totally misread it, thought it was a human person. Doesn’t make it any less bad though :frowning:


I’m so sorry. v.v


I’m sorry to hear this. It’s always good to remember the times you had and love you shared. As much as it hurts to have something as important as your dog taken away, you can’t let those negative feelings take over you. When you’re grieving for this loss, don’t let that greif consume you. Your dog will always be there, within you. It’s memory and the happiness it brought to you and the people around you are imbedded within your heart. You let the shine out among those negative emotions and reflect upon them.


That sucks sledge. I’m sorry.


I know the feels…

I’m sorry to hear this happened.
My condolences, I wish you the best.


I’m really sorry to hear that Sledge :pensive:


Damn, sorry for your loss.


I’m so sorry @SledgePainter ! As someone who just went through this same exact thing a couple months ago, I’m right there with you. Take your time and move forward at your own pace, no matter what.


I’m so sorry for your loss Sledge… :anguished:

That’s the one thing that sucks about dogs; they live less than you.

I know da feels ;_;. My dog had to be put down because in Iran pets are illegal to be outside and our dog escaped somehow…

I loved that dog…


Sorry to hear that Sledge.


Sledge I know how you feel
We had a cat who we took in my little sister named him lama. When I can home from being at my grandmothers I saw him and felt bad for him I know what an animal looks like when they feel hurt (that’s why I wanted to become a vet) so I renamed him to Toby he was the best cat. Me and Toby grew a big bond so big I thought I would never lose him soon, I was wrong. One day I came home from school and Toby looked in extreme pain, I told my dad and he didn’t think so, I said he is more lazy than usual and he looks in pain, again he didn’t think so. He threw up and refused to eat and he wasn’t going pee. We took him to the vet, turns out he has crystals in his bladder, the medicine was only a 70% chance to work and we were low on money. We needed food and the other animals needed food… so uhh we had to… sorry I won’t say it, it pains me to much I am almost in tears writing about him now…


I’m so sorry to hear that… :frowning:


I’m pretty much wiping away my tears from this. I’m going to post an Imgur link Please don’t open it if you can’t deal with its contents, it’s painful.

I Died Today. By Duke Roberts.

I feel for you a lot Sledge. I know your pain. Unfortunately for me its happened more that once, and the pain never dulls each time. My heart goes out to you.


I’m sorry to hear about your loss Sledge! :cry:


Let me know if you want to talk Sledge. I am always here.


My condolences, stay strong.


I’m sorry to hear that sledge. :frowning:

We’re all here if you need us. Always will be.


I know how devastating that can be, but it seems like Mugsy was so very lucky to have you.