I lost about 11,000 Keys after playing Solo mode


I had about 21 thousand keys initially; this screenshot was taken after my last online match recently-

I then went into solo mode to test if there was a limit on daily XP and keys you would get from it, and I played two rounds of it. The second round I purchased Bohrium battery which was about 4600 keys ish and put me down to about 16-17k, still a lot.

This screenshot I took after the second solo match when I realized something was wrong:

I went from 17k to about 6k keys?

Now, in between matches, there was no intermission. I did not go to the store at all. And I bought one level of Bohrium battery; that left me on 17k. Then I somehow lost about 11k keys?

If someone could tell me if there’s a way to get those back, I would be grateful. :open_mouth:

I’m not hugely fussed over losing 11k keys, but I would like them back if at all possible (obviously) because I was planning on saving for skins of characters I like, if they’re eventually released. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


Have you tried to relaunch game? It sometimes happen, I “lost” 5k credits, but they reappeared later on just as my teammates said.


I relaunched it just now. Still on the same low amount. :frowning:


Try playing a few games and see if they come back by themselves. Let us know how it goes. :slight_smile:


That’s actually a good idea. I shall do so! Thanks.


Also if you can, post your Steam profile URL




Hope it helps.


Looks like you bought all 3 levels of Bohrium Battery, taking you from ~21k keys to ~6k keys.


Is that not only 4600?

I’m quite sure I had the first two levels already, didn’t I?


Alright, yeah, looks like I’m just an idiot.

@Stalefish Sorry for wasting your time btw, thanks for the fast responses and quick solution.

@Jedi_Warrior Please do the closing thing?

Sorry about that again. :sweat:


No worries. :slight_smile:


No problem at all. As long as you have them back then that’s all that matters. :slight_smile:


Problem has been solved. :slight_smile: