I lost a ranked match to hackers


Ok here’s what happened i was om a ranked match and they had an infinatum of jetpack and seemed to be invisible after every second they stopped being invisible… Inwas at 83% of wins and now im at 73% its saying i lost about 2 games… ??? I had this green outline on me the entire time too i was about to become a gold rank but then i went down multiple ranks to silver skilled… Im furious right now

  • What platform are you on?

  • To my knowledge there are hacks for infinite jetpack and for instant cooldowns.

  • Send a PM to @ArPharazon, @MrStrategio, and @Insane_521; provide all the evidence you may or may not have and be as descriptive as possible.


Console…actually that explains why they kept flying up the dome…


Ugh ima not bother with all that its fine ima just try and get my 83% back it was jist hacked i can get it back up when i find normal matches…


If you’re on console it’s unlikely that they were hacking however not impossible. Dome is affected by the instant cooldowns but trust me, you’d never escape if they were indeed hacking. Not even once.


I didnt escape… And instant coolsowns? Does that count for hank to waste his battery on his sheild and then instantly get it back at full charge? (Vanilla hank btw)


Well domes still go down with the hack but they can be replaced in a few seconds.

Instant cooldowns doesn’t apply to things such as Hank’s shield. Infinite ammo would do that, which is also a known hack that’s been resolved in coming patches I believe. Cooldown hacks apply to things like Rock Throw, Leap Smash, Warp Blast, Personal Shield, Heal Burst, etc.

Infinite ammo however would allow them to fire it endlessly meaning you wouldn’t be able to break it to my knowledge. For example Kala would be able to permanently use her armor reducer; or infinite Val medgun.


Also don’t worry about your rank, by what you say you have not played many games yet so at first the ups and downs in ranking will be big. Still it hurts to lose to cheaters. I have like 800h of gameplay and only recently encountered an infinite jetpack/skill cheating player, hacks are pretty rare in the game fortunately.


Hmm ok i see well i did manage to escape but the dome was dome you said put down in seconds but at the beginning i had a green outline similar to cabots dust tagging but infinitely, until i was found i was screwed


Green outline may be a bug or exploit, I don’t know of any hack that could do that (unless they had Cabot or Crow with no cooldowns)


I think i remember a bug about this but what they talks about could be different.


I have most of my wins im not bad at being the monster ive had the game when there was only wraith and tier 3s i have all elites for monsters from actual skirmish/ quick play matches, and this isnt my first time encountering it i got silver skilled when i did placement matches, although i dont really like playing ranking matches thats why i dont have much games won or loss lol, but i agree its painful loosing to those who cheat :frowning:


The green outline has happened before but i do know it aids greatly for the hunters lol i always get domed, although its happened before when i knew they werent exactly hacking… It is although musing when you still beat a hacker though


Green outlines also come from tranq/poison darts.

Did they have Val/RV?

I can’t prove it, but I’ve had suspicions of hackers on ps4 before, but I’ve been told it’s bear impossible. Most of the hackers dwell on PC. Sometimes going up against these teams that are super good, it seems like they’re hacking, but they just know the maps, perks, how to manage packs, etc…they know the game better then anyone should and it appears to be hax, but they’re just super efficient.


Then can you explain the infinite jetpack and ammo? No they had caira not val or cabot


Is there a beeping or screech associated with the green outline? Because if they had Crow, a very good Trapper on him can keep the monster outlined indefinitely with Gobi since Gobi has a tracking radius that can go through walls.

The rest sounds pretty fishy to me. Sorry you had to experience it. :disappointed: Hope you get your rank back.


Yes I meant not lots of ranked matches not in general ^^


Video or no proof.


they had the new variant of maggie


How was i supposed to record a match on my xbox, and how as i supposed to know they were hacking, as ive said the green outline has happened before, people claim of infinite ammo an jetpacks etc. im not gonna start recording mid game???