I liked necromancy before it was cool #Necrohipster


All of this talk of tier 5 monster necromancy has rustled my jimmies cough Necro Blood Spawn cough.I have liked the idea of making an undead army submitting to my will as I TEAR APART THE INNOCENT FROM MY THRONE OF SKULL- sorry got carried away there.My point is, I think if this is the case, I would main that monster and elite it within a week.

P.S I am not really a hipster, I thought it was funny.


What necro monster?


People keep saying tier 5 monster will be a minion summoner/ Necromancer type thing


Well, here’s hoping anyway. :monster:


Yep I hope too Cause it would be reals cool


If they can find a way to make the AI work it could be awesome.


Ya know the first monster was supposed to do this, but it was too complicated so they scrapped it,Which is why Im worried they wont do it because they cant program it correctly or something, I get how its difficult, and the programmers are skilled in their field, so I hope they can figure it out.

P.S the test footage of it is on youtube on @MacMan 's channel


they said they would never again make ai based abilitys —>because decoy


Oh… :’(


I believe this will be temporary until they get more money and maybe some new thinkers in their ranks. Evolve has had the most glitches for the least amount of game ive seen for quite a while. I believe when TRS gets the bug smashing down packed and maybe some programmers who can make a decoy do what its name implies, they should be able to begin throwing monsters and hunters at us on a schedule. I cant help but think theres a very small team working on this game considering the current issues and how fast other games are able to smash their bugs. Im sure they can make more AI based skills its just the budget factor like every other game in the world, it just costs money. I want to do game programming in the near future but i need schooling. If i can get my hands on a spot in their staff though, expect your minion monster to become real }:slight_smile: or ill just have to make “evolve 2” and show them how its done ^.^


Yeah, they are not gonna touch AI abilities ever again. That’s what they said anyway. I’m still hoping for a necromancer-ish Monster though.


I’d preorder a necromancer type Monster.

Loves me mah necros.

…Wait wut?


I thought this was going to be a topic of forum post necro’ing, which I don’t approve of at all.


I skimmed this topic, so you can correct me if I’m wrong, but from what I understand you’re really for Laz being the 5th mon?


Whenever Laz talks about using his glove on a monster, I hope he does and the new monster is a Zombie Goliath. :flushed: