I like goliah s different walk animation


at stage 1 at some point he stumbles or something and all
at stage 2 he kinda a weird thing where he leans on the left or something
at stage 3 he kinda walks normally

wish the other monsters were to have this


dont forget below 50% hp he starts to limp. or he holds his shoulder at least.


yeah that too it looks sick and you get kinda sad for him


yeah Im guessing they had enough time to rig the animation for him since he was made first . the others unfortunately didnt have the time to get the same treatment :frowning:


i wonder if they ll ever incorporate in the game one day


if there was a priority list. its proly near the bottom right now lol.

shud be in this order

bugs > balance > netcode > tier 5 > random other stuff


still it would be awsome, i wonder what v they could come up with


I never really noticed these other ones, but the low health limp is pretty gruesome. Part of me thinks I’m fucked at that point and part of me wants to make those hunters pay!


how dare they hurt mah goliath, they gon pay



kraken shooting out overloads of electricity like a short circuit…limping when he walks and maybe and awkward struggle to fly lol.

wraith would slither on the ground cuz its too weak to fly now…and some spikes are missing from its back lol.

behemoth should have rocks falling off alot when rolling. and when walking it shud limp harder than he already does lol.


yeah that could be cool to see


Is Goliath any slower when he limps? I don’t think he is, but sometimes it appears that way to me.



10 char


Didn’t think so. Thank God. :stuck_out_tongue:


Goliath FTW!


Never noticed that lol


I always play as Goliath… He’s my main. I always feel really bad for him if he escapes fire and he limps away as we scavenge for wildlife…

The feels train stops by.


He does this at all stages, (maybe not stage three), When he is below 50% health or something like that.


I don’t know about the others but the Kraken actually walks different at different stages.
Stage one he kind of Gallops and stage two he sort of walks quickly like a baby would crawl in a way.


I feel like people keep forgetting that TRS is split into sections to work on other things.