I know the preference thing gets a lot of hate but it's legitimately not working


So I was in a lobby with ONE other player. Noone else, just him and me. I had Monster on first spot of preference, he got he support. I got the… medic? This isn’t even caused by luck of draw or a full team that forces me into a role or something like that, it’s just not working properly.

Also obligatory: Please allow monster play for parties :smile:


It’s because the game would rather have a few humans on the same team than 3 AI + 1 Human Hunter against a Human Player. The Hunters would have no chance tbh.


You must have been in a party with that person?


Are you on Xbone? I am and it’s pretty common that 1 or more players will be invisible to you even though they’re there. It’s almost weird if everyone can see each other lmao


Nope, that’s why I was wondering what is wrong but Thelasthunter’s comment could be true.