I know I'm late to be asking


i thought preordering gave a goliath skin


It should do, you should have the savage goliath skin if you pre-ordered. Could it be that a place you pre-ordered it from was only for game access and not with any bonuses? Would be weird…but worth asking.


I want to say the savage skin was a gamestop exclusive…did you preorder from there?


yes i preordered from gamestop


i even still have my receipt


its a preorder timed-exclusive. so in a month or 2 you can buy it seperatly if you didnt pre-order

Edit: i pre-ordered from green man gaming and got the savage skin


Savage skin is something everyone got who preordered afaik. I’d contact 2k and/or steam to rectify this. They’re the ones that can help :slight_smile: