I know how to balance Bucket! Read it!


Bucket’s problem is simple. When he’s using UAV and find the monster, he’s probably 200 meters far away from hunters and that’s the real problem. Trapper is about to dome up and Bucket is missing cuz he’s trying to get those 200 meters. And before he gets there everybody dies. Soo… All he need is something like “increase movement speed by 250 or 300% for the time he sees the monster with his UAV.” So he can quickly get there to help his team. I have to say that UAV sucks atm and I’m not using it. if I know the direction where is the monster I don’t need to use UAV and if I don’t know where is he I don’t wanna spend time trying to find him cuz there is a lot of options. This would make Bucket players happy!

If you would buff him with this I would play him much more than now.

What do you all think?

EDIT: adding @SlinkyGuy cuz he have to read that!

EDIT2: adding another fckin awesome idea for sentry guns!


I like that.

And is GML needs buffs. Badly,


while i can agree with that buff, i would say a clause such as out of combat. Otherwise Great suggestion!


No. Using Bucket’s UAV requires thought. To use it effectively you simply head towards the center of the map. Then when you do find the monster, no matter where it is, you are at a some what uniform distance.
Bucket is fine as is. you simply need to play him differently.



Don’t use UAV to find the monster. Use UAV to not lose the monster after you’ve domed it.

That said I do think you are right that he could use a short movement speed buff or perhaps to have his body follow the trapper like Daisy does.

Most of what Bucket needs is in his GML and Sentry Guns.

Once suggestion I had that seemed to get good initial reactions is to have the Sentry guns have the standard detection range that they do now, but once they detect a monster and start shooting at it, their range increases. If they lose Line of sight then they revert to their ‘tracking’ range until the monster moves back into it. That makes the positioning just as important, gives the monster an out they’d already be doing but makes the much more effective against mobile monsters like Kraken and Wraith.

As for the GML I’d switch it with Parnell’s rockets.


This is also interesting idea and I’m going to update my original topic to add your idea with sentry guns.


People who spam the UAV nonstop annoy me. :grin:


Good monster will take a chance when he knows that Bucket is 200 meters away so he can for example go for some strikes with 30% armor because the second damage dealer is faaaar far away. When I’m playing against Bucket I’m doing that all the time and it works. I’m having real problem when Bucket’s not using UAV so they are still group and then it’s harder.


This. Always keep an eye (nose?) out for an isolated Bucket.


I think one of the biggest issues is that people tunnel vision on getting a tag with the thing. Like, if you are using UAV and the Monster scares birds, cancel the UAV! It is for when you have absolutely no idea where the Monster is. If you have a good idea where he is / where he is going, there is no reason to be using the UAV. I’ve had zero issues keeping up with my team.

Side note, UAV is amazing for face-checking, such as when you know or are pretty sure the Monster is in a certain tunnel or cave area.


Ye and with my improve you could also use UAV different away. For example in dome to be faster for few secs and dodge hard Kraken’s lightnings.


Plus it’s nice to have a Bucket player use the UAV to watch from a distance without tagging and tell you exactly what the Monster is doing. >.<


Exactly. Caught an unaware Monster start to evolve while my team was on the outskirts of his position. As soon as the animation started I called for everyone to move in.

He didn’t survive very long.


That’s racist.

And it also adds to the view that Bucket is best for stage three battles. The UAV can be used to keep a direct bead on the Monster’s exact movements as you wait.


As a monster bucket sentrys do peanut damage and I destroy them right away they need 5% more damage I hope that’s enough and more durability


After a few games you could know where your team and the monster will run, cause you already have the best possible vision with UAV and map. People are just trying to track the monster, what could be quiet difficult and wastes a lot of time. Just let Bucket ping if he uses UAV and disable the tracking systhem. An other solution could be to let the UAV track faster and to let it keeping tracking, equal if there is a tree or not.
Buckets sentries deal enought damage, but to set them costs more time than the monster needs to destroy them (if you place them at hier surfaces thats quiet smart, but it costs jetpack).
Missles are quiet slow, but deal hier damage, equal if you play Bucket or Parnell. I`m allreaddy ok with that point, maybe the missles can react a bit faster.


3 seconds into the match and Bucket is already on the UAV… this is how bad players use it and I don’t agree with buffing bad players.

In most cases the UAV shouldn’t even be used for finding the monster, it should be used to keep track of the monster once you’ve already found it.

More so than any other hunter, a good Bucket player is hella fun to have on the team… too bad they’re about as hard to come by as an albino dune beetle lol


People forget that the UAV can be use for cutting the monster’s path, just like Abe does with his tracking dart, so if you have an idea of where the monster is, it’s a good idea to use UAV because scared birds doesn’t tell you where the monster is going and if you’re scare of being alone, just leave a turret very close to you and cloak when he attacks.


I do like the idea of increased speed, which could be triggered by a successful tag, lasting only like 20 seconds. It is a pain to hike the whole map when the rest of the crew is already there under a dome.

Another thing that a lot of people don’t do, but will help most Bucket players’ teams is to use the mic to tell everyone what you see. Sometimes its hard to lock on or you’re following tracks but haven’t found the monster yet - it’s good to keep the team in the loop.


The problem of the UAV is that you can fly with it and track the monster. I think there are lots of people who understand that rong and think you can fly with it to track the monster. Thats an totally other playstyle, much more difficult than the first one. Finally you want to use your gear completely, cause you have the chance to do that. Its an false first impression.