I kinda find Elder Kraken's chain lightning a bit weak


I know that it kind bounce between each creatures hit, and by doing that it increases in damage, but my god the base damage is weak, like i literally think in terms of base damage even when upgraded to lvl 3 it s the weakest of all abilites for monsters, and the damage doesn t increase by a whole lot either you guys can check it for yourselves on bots and wildlife, it can t even oneshot mammoth birds !! even at level 3 !!!


I think it’s fine. I just think kelder take damage too much


I think it’s fine the way it is. It’s not supposed to be like Aftershock. It’s supposed to reward you for corralling the Hunters/any targets close together. It’s not designed to be rewarding to use on only one person.


Yeah, he get’s totally shredded in stage 1 and also takes a lot of damage at stage 2. Stage 3 seems fine.

And regarding his aftershock/chain lightning, I haven’t fiddled around with it too much, but I think it seems okay for an AOE ability.


this doesn t justify the low damage on either one or many hunters, the damage is too low for a damage ability, it s not a CC ability it s a damage ability, and Elder kraken is melee in range so why would you design something to make hunters run away from you and make them out of your reach, this design goes backwards using your logic, and works then against elder Kraken


then test it trust me, it s way too weak for it s sole use


Using my logic? Put the Hunters close together and absolutely shred the last in line? It seems like that’s the intended purpose. It does justify the low damage. If it’s one person, it’s ineffective. If it’s three or more people, it does massive and crippling damage to those later in the chain.

Whether or not you like it, that’s the design. It’s isn’t made to be used for punishing a single person in range. It’s made for EK to force everyone into a corner and rain down damage, which he does do.


Stage 3 seems to be where he’s fine. I did fine in defense but not so fine in hunt


Yes, I read what you wrote. I think you’re wrong. Hence my statement.

You specified that it doesn’t do massive damage to a singular target, which it true. It’s not supposed to.

You expect it to work like OG aftershock, which won’t happen. It’s designed for maximum benefit if it hits a group, which the rest of his kit also benefits from. That’s how he’s designed.

When the ability is at full power, it does excellent damage. When it isn’t at full power, there is far less benefit.

It will never be as powerful against a single target as Aftershock.


I think elder needs a damage boost to melees


I think those are fine. I don’t think he can maneuver well enough to fully take advantage of it, though. If he wasn’t murdered by stasis and his traversals recharged a tiny bit faster, that would be great.


fine it doesn t do much damage sinlge target, but where s the damage on multiple targets then ? i don t see it, where s the [quote=“thegamer118, post:9, topic:83980”]
massive and crippling damage to those later in the chain.


I also think he needs a speed boost for when he Melee’s. that or just more health and armor


Have you chained all four together? The end of the chain gets more damage than any of his other abilities do to a single target.


wait about 20 min for my record to render and you ll tell me what you see


Or we could both just agree to disagree and leave it here. I really don’t care about arguing, so I’m certainly not going to wait 20 minutes to continue disagreeing with someone.

I can disagree without a video.

My opinion will stay my opinion and your video won’t change that.


you claim the ability does one thing, i give you a video to show you it doesn t, simple as that, i give you proof


Just a question, I haven’t figured it out yet.
Does it make a difference whether all four targets are inside the “bubble” or just one is and the others get hit through chains?

So, is it like “the more targets you hit, the more damage it does” or is it “the longer the chain, the more damage”?

@thegamer118 you better calm down. Your offensive attitude is just inappropriate here.


Can i change aftershock into chain lightning in the title just for more clarity? If its ok for you ^^


playing in french so i didn t know the name so i guess it s fine