I keep losing my mouse cursor


i keep losing my mouse cursor in lobbys and in the main menu. it is annoying as hell and i can’t select anything


I haven’t had that problem, I’ve had my mouse cursor moving around the screen while I’m in game playing lol


Known bug. Gotta wait on a patch sorry =(


To turn it off click left mouse button a few times while in the shift+tab screen, this will completely remove the cursor, to get it back press the right mouse button instead.
Worked for me
Been spreading this info around, do the same!


This only works sometimes. As monster i could not get the cursor off. Hass something to do with the overlay thats sure


Been getting both mouse cursor bugs.


Ye i am getting both too. But solution with shift+tab always work. But you need be patient. Sometimes i have to do this shift+tab + click/hold mouse buttons(both buttons sometimes) 5-10 times until it work. Btw going shift+tab sometimes remove all “icons” on the map. I can’t see player names or birds annoucement or Q mark from hunter. But again shift+tab repair this(sometimes i have to do it 2-3x).


I havent noticed them disappearing, now i know!