I keep getting autobiographer every time I change my profile information


Title basically. I change my info every week or so, and every time I do I get the badge ‘Autobiographer’. This kinda sucks, because I filled out my info long before a lot of the people here now, and I hate seeing me being the newest filler of info. Also wastes my time notifying me.

P.S: sorry if this is aggressive. I just can’t even right now.


Huh, I can’t get this to replicate. Do you completely re-write your bio every single time you change it?


Yes. I rub it all out, then re-write. I like writing random things on my profile.


Then that might be what’s causing it. Can you try just re-writing a few sentences to see if it still gives you the notification?


Ok, so I see that if I remove all my profile information, without saving it, then re-writing it, I get the notification. Still a bug, but ech, imma make a long profile and add something random everytime I want to in a new paragraph.

@sam if you could provide a fix that would be awesome.