I just wonder, What is the Effect of Auto-balance exactly?


Damage addition like damage perk?

or… faster speed?..


Damage reduction/damage. x4 gives a 1.5x buff. I think it goes 1.125, 1.25, 1.375, 1.5.


I always thought it was like 5% per pip.


Nope, remember on a live stream them talking about how the 4th pip gave 1.5x Honestly it only becomes noticeable at 2, and hard to deal with at 3.


you mean

We gonna get 50% more damage if we get 4~5 level bars?


I thought it had to do something more with percentages that maxed out at 30%. Hm, neat.


You’ll get a flat 50% damage and reduction bonus at 4 bars.


wow. that’s more tough than I thought.


Auto-balance is there to help balance the game when one side is blowing out the other. It’s intended to keep people playing rather than giving up when they are totally overwhelmed by their opponent(s).

Or at least I think that is the theory.


Yeah the game isn’t supposed to hit 4/0 :stuck_out_tongue:. Really just a way to balance out teams that are heavily imbalanced.


I feel imbalanced! I need more Auto-Balance in my diet!! :open_mouth:


me too. lol


looks like Pizza has won too much times haha…