I just watched Birdman

Gif is currently how I’m feeling.

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Why what happened??? ;-;

I… Couldn’t follow the movie.
It was good… But. I don’t even?

That ending xD

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Well now it’s on my list of wtf movies like Slither 0-0

The entire movie xD

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We’re talking shutter island(?)/Se7en mindfuck style

So I might end up like this?

Probably, maybe

Well then… Haha

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i loved it :D, maybe cause im smrt

Oh well. Time for Big Hero 6, actually haven’t seen this either. HOPEFULLY it won’t destroy my brain :smiley:

Want a movie that can really mess up with your brain? Watch under the skin

Big Hero 6 is cute. A bit too Disney-unexplained-story-progression.

As for Birdman, I think he really did it.

It won’t you’ll like it :slight_smile:

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I expected Birdman to be funny. I was like, “great a dark comedy with a cast I love.” Um, where was the comedy that everyone kept raving about? It was pretty depressing with a few moments of levity, but nothing laugh out loud funny.

I know man i know.

Big Hero 6 is fun, hella fun and adorable. For those who don’t know it is base on one of them super obscure marvel comics no one heard off.

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