I just want to see or play one game where everyone (but the monster) runs Movement Speed


With a team comp of Caira, Sunny, Abe and Parnell. Alternatively Val, Sunny, Griffin and Parnell because imo he has best secondary in game.

Like how crazy could things get?


I don’t know, how hectic would that be?


It can get pretty hectic I guess. I’ve been in games where I run MS with Caira and Abe doing the same. It’s pretty crazy how fast Caira can run in a stasis cloud.


Jetpack recharge is better imo…not only faster movement but also easier dodging…


Gotta Go Fast!!!


Our team Dome Destroyers have done this in competitive against deanimate, something like caria,cabot,abe and parnell although it was against his kraken :stuck_out_tongue: he got soo mad at keith playing caira he banned caira in the next round xD


Movespeed is overall faster around a map than jpr.

JPR on particular maps taking particular routes could be “as fast” or even fasrter- Back when jetpacks worked based on momentum, and you could carry yourself up to 22-24 meters in a single dodge on flat terrain. But now that they carry you 12-14m in a single dodge on flat terrain?



That sounds tough, I can’t imagine how crazy that is on chase what with how slow Kraken is. Abe having tranqs and Parnell having SS can just destroy him on chases, Caira giving occasional boosts would really be a headbanger.

So yeah basically the power rift between the two has changed in that they’re not more equal to one another, each with their own little cons and pros.

But for me generally MS feels way better with a soft trapper, or with Val and Caira. JPR works with my character but yeah. Both perks are awesome.


I miss old Jetpacks + Jump Height. You covered So Much ground per boost form the ground. It was even better on a downhill slope.

Was so sad when the Momentum change hit. Barely used Jump Height since :<


i prefer recharge too.