I just want to say


Who ever picked the song for the “Happy Hunting” trailor is a super bad ass! I don’t know what it is about good choices in music being made for trailors lately but you guys were definitely on board as well!

I have it playing again and again on my Spotify play lists!


Do you mean the cover of danzig-mother? Love it as well!
2K are responsible for that trailer…


Oh yeah, Lissie is a brilliant singer, it was an excellent cover and choice of music for the trailer. :slight_smile:


I agree. Music can really make or break an announce trailer. I remember the first time I saw the (original) Assassin’s Creed announce (the one with Massive Attack) it just blew me away. Really set the ton for the entire marketing campaign.

I joined TRS shortly after the Lissie trailer came out, and it was that trailer that really got me interested in the project and the company.


I recently watched a video which recap all AC trailers…

And definitely, Unity is the most epic and has…something in plus ^^
Certainly due to the music…!


The AC trailers are a prime example of how much music can effect a trailer. I remember watching the very first AC trailer and being blown away by the choice in music and footage.


I still remember the Dead Island trailer because of the music.


Oh… you mean the first Dead Island ?..
This one was a pur chef d’oeuvre if “trailer” was a category itself in the world of the Seventh Art.
(even without the music)


Oh yeah it was definitely one emotional trailer, but still I did like the music in it. :smiley: