I just want to play Monster!


I really liked the game when it first came out, I played it for about a month before I just stopped, I didn’t even get a chance to get upset about all the DLC shenanigans, but the reason I stopped playing is because I only get to play maybe for an hour or so a day, and I REALLY like playing Monster. Thats it, I absolutely do not want to spend my precious time joining and leaving games because of these silly preferences, I wish I could just boot up the game and say MONSTER, bam. Maybe its just me, but I wish this was implemented with all the new bells and whistles that Evolve just got.


It’s not just you. My friends all quit this game within the first month because we never got our preferences and had to play roles we didn’t want. It’s a shame to hear they didn’t improve on this.


It looks like the match making has got a decent boost to try and put people in the roles that they want more often. Ultimately more players means more chance of getting the role you want!

With enough support it should be fine for everyone to get to level 20 and then unlock ranked play, and in ranked you can choose to play Monster and only monster, no compromises.


I don’t get it. I myself am a big monster player more than a Hunter player.

If I felt like playing solely monster, I play ranked. I don’t think there is still prefences involved in ranked?


Ranked allows you to queue for Monster or Hunter. If you pick Hunter, it’s up to you to chat with your team to get the spot you want (it’s a first come, first select role thing otherwise).


@Ribo_Flavin, problem solved. Let us know if you got any more questons.


THIS makes me happy!


Yay! I’m glad that helped clear things up :slight_smile: