I just want to play a game!


been waiting for 30mins now.
Silver three stars monster can’t find a game.
Switched to hunters, can’t find a monster.
Anyone else experiencing this?

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On a more serious note, no, I haven’t experienced that. It could take about 10 minutes for me at the start of 5.0, but now It doesn’t take more than 3-4 minutes.

What’s your region and platform btw?


Indeed. I have waited ages for a monster match many times. Its a common issue. Have waited a long time in pre made hunting team so going with rqndoms musy be worse. Although its not as common and recently its been quicker at finding a monster.

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Euro. Pc.
this is so weird


Move download location to the US? I don’t have problems finding monster games.
Also, I believe we killed you a few times in Arena mode; then you went Kraken. ~shrugs~

Same name as the monster.

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Yeah monster seems to be longer than finding a hunter team


was trying other monsters. but I mainly play Kraken .so.


Changing download region in Steam doesn’t work after 5.0 update. MM looks for servers with best ping for party leader.


it doesnt help that hunters who dont get what role they want immediately quit matchmaking. im just trying to rank right now and sitting in 10-20 minute queues because of this garbage. its a 10 minute game, suck it up and play another class.
also last live stream they mentioned theres more monster than hunter players so that doesnt help either


Yeah it takes me at least a half an hour to find a game. I play as hunters, I’m silver elite and I have never found 1 other person in silver. Also, of the 3 matches I have played tonight, all 3 crashed during or before the dropship.

Your best bet is to play solo, evac, or arena. Hunt is just a waste of time until the devs fix it, and that doesn’t seem to be anytime soon unfortunately.


wait for next title update, I think matchmaking will be improved greatly. ( at least I hope )


Awwwwwww, What? D: That’s so dumb though…

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Yeah, I’m now stuck in a region where 95% of monsters are “run till stage 3 without ever trying to commit, and don’t forget about elite buffs” type. Boring as hell.


Now I’m stuck in a region where no one plays. D: