I just want to be a monster, not a hunter!


When looking for anew game can we please end up in roles we actually want to play. I love been the monster, but end up as a hunter too often and I loath it? I can understand if too many want to be monster and you have to have a hunter role… but if available I just want to be a monster… its not too much to ask, is it?


Now that monsters have been recently buffed, everyone is playing them apparently :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please. I want the option to join a game as monster only. Since they’re pretty different play styles, I don’t know why this isn’t already an option. If I can’t get monster after a 2nd or third try, I just play something else. I shouldn’t have to sit through a 20 minute game to get a chance to maybe play what I want to play.


monsters? I thought only 1 monster was buffed(behemoth) and wraith only got a traversal buff. I’ll have to review the patch notes again.


1 monster got buffed, teir4 hunters got nerfed (which basically buffed monsters because that’s all people were playing)

Have you noticed you’re seeing more vanilla hunters now?


I’m still seeing a ridiculous amount of Sunny.


sunny and torvald mostly, with more slim than Val.


She will be less played when her drone is nerfed.


nerfed? what are they nerfing about it?

I figured the thing that would get nerfed is her jetpack beam since its the only beam that goes over 60m in the game.


They’re reducing the survivability of the shield drone.


oh good. it should not be stronger than the other deployables and take longer to kill than to setup.


Yes, thank god. Not that I think Tier 4 is OP, but…They just aren’t as fun to fight, you know?


Am I the only one that finds the way people use “nerf” around here strange? I mean, everyone uses it the wrong way… or maybe I’m just used to how it’s used in WoW.


How is it used there?


Well, wow has literally hundreds of abilities. So when one or two abilities are affected it’s not a nerf. But when the class’s overall power is reduced(meaning alot of their abilities are affected) that’s a nerf.