....I just saw a Torvald skin in a stream Diction is doing


What skin is this and why haven’t I been told about it!?

It looks gold.


Pics or it didn’t happen? :stuck_out_tongue:


Did it look like this one?


Can’t see all of his body, but perhaps the mortar cannons are enough to determine.


10 Torvalds

Edit: Oh I read it, it’s an elite skin…

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh pretty


Thats what you unlock for getting to level 40. Full body elite skins!:grinning:


Then that’s his level 40 Elite full body skin. Looks sweet. :slight_smile:


On a similar note, here’s the type of skin you get if you get a monster to level 40! A prime skin!


I’ve seen those! <3


Close please :heart:


ohhhh! Torgasm!