I just remembered something about Daisy


I played a game last night, we were dropping from the ship, I was playing Maggie, so I wait for Daisy to land and think “Alright girl, give me a sense of direction, there’s no footprints.”
She sniffs. And nothing. she just stands there.
So I start running off myself and she follows me, keeps howling and I think “Oh, sweet! She’s ready to find him!”
She continues to stand and stare, there’s no tracking icon above her head, and it’s only until the Goliath hits stage two and incaps me, that she gets me up and then decides its a good time to track.

Soooo… Is Daisy bugged somewhat?


I think I remember someone saying she has a distance limit on her detection, so if the tracks fade outside her sniff range then she’ll stand there. Maybe if he went that distance in the water, then started sneaking on the other end he somehow reset her tracker?

If a monster goes from normal to stealth then she’ll auto go after the new track type, so thinking maybe monster snuck to a stream, jumped down stream then snuck again. Thus causing her AI to attempt to track the new stealth prints, but the new tracks being outside her track range she just stood there.

Not sure if any of that made sense, but even that doesn’t account for him getting so close to you since she should pick back up the tracks when he’s within her sniff range again. It sounds like it at least broke for a bit there o.0 Unless there is some other mechanic I hadn’t heard of.


I dunno, it was a while before I found tracks, but she still failed to track or give a sense of direction, as for water I cant remember fully, does medlab have that much water?


Not good with missions names so I don’t know >.> I can barely remember map layouts when I load-in.


This is it apparently,


Med lab has water from one end to the other.


And I am an idiot.
Thanks for pointing that out xD