I just realized.. that we don't have a dragon!


So, how about a dragon monsta?

Here comes a great example of epic dra…

oopsy, wrong one. He’s dead :astonished:

Anyways, I thought that dragon-like monster can be cool? Of course, not a typical drangon. Just a monster in somewhat dargon-shape.


Except the Gaping dragon is piss easy to defeat. So no gaping dragon in-game plz :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s probably why he died in the first place… RIP :persevere:


Goliath is dragon.


I’ve been asking for a dragon monster for quite a long time. I’ve come up with many possible skillsets and themes. There is no way I wouldn’t agree to having a dragon in Evolve.

And also

I’m sure most people would disagree with you.


He is a big lizard: Check
He breathes fire: Check
He is very smart: Check
He has wings: …

Well, 3/4 is close enough right?


There’s too much mammal in it to count it as a dragon, to me at least.


goliath is the closest thing to a dragon. also, it doesnt seem that a dragon would really fit in well witht he other monsters


dragons have mammal in them too, hence the leg structure


Don’t they come out of eggs, and have scales?


what about a gargoyle??


I guess that also depends on your definition of Dragon. The classic Dungeons and Dragons Dragon, two wings, four legs, talks, breaths fire, is nothing like Goliath. But you look at something like Falkor, the dragon from The Neverending Story, and you realize a dragon can be damn near anything.


“They” being dragons? Yes they do.

What I mean is that Goliath doesn’t have wings and stand upright quite a lot.


“They” as the monsters.


I thought Goliath looks more like Gozilla. Imagine Goliath with wings. A word that pops up in my head is ‘demon’, rather than ‘dragon’.


This calls for Kalameet.

Totally fitting too. Shooting fire but at the same time having fucking telekynesis go throw people around.


I’d go for a different element, if any at all. For example, ice is something we have yet to touch in Evolve.


Think we will probably need a whole different kind of monster.

How cool would it be though? An ice monster freezing the medic while ot focuses on people?

That or an ice hunter that slows the monster and whatnot.

Just no ice puns. No one likes puns.


(Sorry, but you pretty much asked for it.)



I had a pic. But I have no idea how uploading pictures in this forum works.