I just played one of the most awsome games of my long evolve career


So my favorite part of evolve are close matches. Win or lose, who doesn’t like them? I’ve had a couple during stage 2, but nothing extreme. Until this morning.

The map was orbital drill. Our team was Blitz Markov, Wasteland Maggie, Emet, and me playing as Cabot. Our opponent was meteor Goliath. This match was espically fun because every players’ specific character ability was critical.

The match starts of normal. Tracking the monster. We had a brief stage 1 fight. I believe he got a strike on me without taking almost no damage. He eventually got to stage 2, and we had our next fight. While playing as Cabot as was using his damage amplifier whenever possible. However with blitz Markov my amplifier would run out before he reached his max potential damage. So although we were doing some damage, it wasn’t anything insane. So the stage two fight went poorly. He got me down to two strikes, and everyone else to at least one. Emet and I were dead, Maggie incapacitated. The Goliath managed to pounce our Markov, all seemed lost. Thankfully, while pouncing, the Goliath forgot about Daisy. Who managed to barely receive Maggie. Who immediately ran off. However now the Goliath evolved for the final time. And we had inflicted minimal damage. It wasn’t looking good.

But this is when our team came in clutch. We dropped in as the Goliath began pounding on the power relay. He may have destroyed. But I managed to snipe him through the walls. And the battle begun. This is where I made my adjustment. Instead of using the damage amp right away, I would focus on dealing some damage with my rail cannon until Markov managed to reach the third and most damaging interval of his lightning gun. That’s when I would use the damage amp. This allowed us to burn through the stage 3 goliath’s armor and health. Maggie was doing amazing work with her traps. But we were still dying constantly with 2 strikes each. However, Emet was doing work with His respawn thingy. This went on for a long time before we finally managed to kill the Goliath.

I love this game