I just joined a game as spectator... What about it?


So I launched the game, clicked Skirmish, and joined a full match as spectator…
I wanted to take a video of it with shadowplay but it didn’t work for some reason, so I used MSI afterburner…

Weird thing is: Somebody else joined the game, but I wasn’t recording; it was this guy with 6 squares as his name.
Game said " ****** connected" (replace * by squares).

Ever experienced that?


a spirit haunts the game of evolve


Have never been able to join a game as spectator, but now that you mention it I would like to :slight_smile: It would be so cool to have a spectator mode. Please add it TRS.


Yes but what now? Is that a bug, a hack, a test? @DamJess could you dig on that?
Uploading the video if that can help…


It’s a bug I’d say. I have had it multiple times as either actual player in the round seeing enough names pop up with “blabla connected” that there were like 8-10 people in the same round at once. Or joining as a spectator and seeing names come and leave that were not hunters or monsters either.


Me and my friend joined a game and we wound up as spectators…

couldn’t do ANYTHING either. ‘Esc’ didn’t work, nothing.

we Alt-F4’d out of the match before it ended, but it was odd indeed :stuck_out_tongue: