I just.. I got my hair cut

The other night I was running around screaming asking my friends “LONG OR SHORT?!” and getting nowhere with answers, as most people know if you’ve seen my pictures on random threads that, I had pretty long hair.
And today I decided to lop it all off.
DO I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT STARSCREAM? I’m thinking of making it more sharp so to speak, the hairdresser made me look like I was back from the 60’s
or something
Sorry for the horrid quality of picture


I still say ya look fine

I need to be sure ;______;

Was your hair really that long before? Anyways it looks good ^^

My hair was uhhh…
this long.

Oh yeah that’s pretty long :s

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Less work when it’s short. I think ya look great!

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Shave it all of l0l.

I was tempted to go buzzcut… o.o

I wouldn’t say that’s “all” of it :expressionless:

Most of it. ;_;

I think you should Einstein this shit right up.

Einstein it? Super crazy style… MAYBE!

I like the new short cut better, but I hear you on the “sharpening up”.

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I like your smile, Toily :smile:

Thanks, it was that or stoneface the camera. I was more forcing a happy face .-.

You look like you want to kill someone. :open_mouth:

dis is mah creazy face

What kind of reactions have you gotten from your friends so far?