I Just Heard the BEST VO Line in the Game So Far


Take Caira and Abe to the map Wraith Trap. Find the pile of tires near the drop point. Hilarity ensues.

(Hint: it involves Abe doing an impression of Caira :laughing:)


Caira: Big black doughnuts here!

Abe: Are you kiddin’ me?

Caira: Sort of? What are these things?

Abe: They’re Tires.

Caira: Uhhh…got it.

Abe: You know what a tire is right?

Caira: I can tell by the way you ask that you suspect the answer is no… and you are correct! What are tires?
Abe: Ho-ly shit

Caira: No seriously, what are they?

Abe: You know what a tire is! You just wanna say,
Abe: “Ooooh we don’t have these on Earth because we’re all stupid rich and poor people have to carry us around on their backs!” That about right?

Caira: Well we don’t have them on Earth and I don’t know what they are and you don’t have to be an ass about it…

Abe: Uhh…it’s kinda my thing…


What the heck is this?!?! I cant wait! I need to know


Just tell me can’t wait


Pile of tires near the drop point? I don’t even know where that is…

Do you mean the trapped wraith itself?


Yeah, nearby there. Behind one of the buildings circling the trapped wraith.


Bwahah just triggered it, you were right.

That is better, new favorite.


Can someone post what it is?


You learn a lot about Caira in that bit.


damn i now need to find someone to queue up with xD


It make me want to run around all the maps with all the different characters! There’s so many combinations that are possible! I love hearing the backstory this way :smile:


Ima go back and edit my first post for sake of ease, if you guys are interested!


Nvm, saw the edited post. Ignore.


From what is sounds (looks?) like Caira seems young. Huh.


Who needs tires when all the vehicles are flying?

It reminds me of a little kid not knowing what a VHS tape or a floppy disk are



He sounds so dejected and depressed, lol.


Yep! They have cheap anti-grav and maglev everywhere.


I like Cabot’s get pumped dialogue with Hyde

It was something like:

 What're you gonna do Hyde?

I’m gonna fuckin’ melt faces

  Who's face are you gonna melt?

Im gonna fuckin’ melt the fuckin’ monsters face

  And how are you gonna do it?

…I’m gonna fuckin’ melt the fuckin’ monster face with me fuckin’ flamethrower

  That's right! Now let's do this!


I recorded it as well, just not sure I feel like going through all the effort to post it lol


Also I love any kind of 4th wall anything so when Bucket yells while firing:

  I have an inexplicably infinite supply of missiles!

I enjoyed it