I just hanked somebody


it’s always awkward when you join a game as hank when you’ve only really played monsters, so your level is really high but you have no real idea how to play hunters

accidentally calls in orbital blast at the ledge next to his own feet next to a medic rather than on the floor below


You should try orbitaling right after landing. watch the team fly everywhere. thats always a fun one.


I don’t usually play support, but when I do, I play Hank (insert meme here).

I’ve been working with my buddy who plays trapper to try and utilize “Hanking” to launch him at ridiculous speeds towards the monster. No sucess so far, but I refuse to give up :smile:


you can actually use it to convince a monster to change directions if you call it at long range, he’ll think you’re where it came from and doubleback, possibly towards you.

i just have trouble calling it sometimes





i tried rocket jumping once. did not work as intended…


I love this thread!


Ah the Hankening (Just like that fappening thing a while back, Just with more explosions and less naked celebrity’s)

Honestly though Hank barrages that don’t always work quite as planned in this game are some of the best.


Try it with Parnell

That works.


I just got done hanking a S2 Goliath. He was at the last sliver of health, middle of the barracks map, and my dome had just gone down. As soon as he starts to leap I shoot a harpoon into his back, and Hank calls down an Orbital right on his head. It was beautiful.


Working on getting Hank to elite and I need to call in orbitals from 50 meters.

Yall better run, gonna be calling those things in and nobody’s safe.

In all seriousness, I do something that I call “Hankicide” where as the monster beats the crap out of me I call in an orbital barrage right before I die. I’m down, but that monster and whatever hunter tries to revive me just got hanked.


Semi brag; pulled off an epic orbital escape on a goliath last night.

Whole team was down. Cloak just finished. I jet high over a canyon aiming to land right on the cliff edge opposite, aim orbital barrage for that spot and somehow timed it perfectly.

Just before landing the orbital blew me backwards over the goliath who had just jumped to catch me landing on the cliff top, back to the other side of the canyon giving me enough time to dodge away and just get a cloak back on in time (cool down perk). Thanks to that second cloak I survived long enough for the team to respawn. Though we were promptly eaten by a stage 3 goliath.

Im now leaving shadowplay play on all the time so I can catch crazyness like this.


Is this what you’re looking for?


Perfect :laughing:!


Stop it guys, I’m gonna run out of likes! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Love this thread. Played hank for the first time since launch day. Having been mostly val or trappers I have gotten really good at cutting monsters off.

So I cut the monster off with assault and see him headed in front of me and realize I need to slow him down. I decide to drop an orbital in front of him so he will stop and the trapper can catch up with it from behind.

Instead of placing the orbital 50 meters in front of the monster I accidently placed it directly at me and the assaults feet. :frowning: I was not used to the charging thing yet. And ended up blowing us way away from the monster and maybe adding another 5 minutes to the game.

I got redemption though. Placed an orbital at my feet to finish off the monster to end the match.


earlier yesterday i played a game with parnell on my team. he was following the monster really close and got caught in every single barrage

feels bad man


Hank you very much for this thread! :laughing:


Fun trick with orbital strike and dome. Orbital strike as the Trapper drops the dome and blow him out of the arena. Works wonders in nest.


I’ve learned my lesson about letting trappers get out of the dome on nest :angry: