I just got stung by a freaking bee while sleeping! D:

Omg, I just need to share this with somebody, I was sleeping like an angel at 8:00 a.m , then suddenly this huge pain comes from my cheek and I see this bee in my pillow and I began screaming, I ran to the bathroom, got my laptop and search how to treat a bee sting. I went here lol http://www.m.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/allergy-insect-sting-treatment

Then I personally removed the stinger, put some ice on my cheek and some alcohol to prevent infection, but holy crap, this hurts T___T


And they wonder why I am afraid of bees.


I was about to say “karma for the stuff you posted about Caira in the fatality thread” but I won’t :S

Bees are assholes I know.


Bees are the real monsters

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Nah man, we need those guys. Wasps are the real bastards.


Never been stung by a bee or wasp (not that I remember anyway), I must be really lucky. :smile:

The bee was in your pillow? How did it get there?

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I know I know, I just hate them for the moment, it’ll pass

I don’t know, that’s why I was so surprised :scream:

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Yeah, how did it get there? I’ve never seen a bee inside my house before.

Windows maybe.

They were opened, yes D:

It seems it didn’t beehive very well. :laughing:

Is it still there?

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It’s dead surely

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e__e very funny and I looked but it’s gone now, I can’t sleep now and I didn’t get my 9 hours of sleep lol

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9 hours! Jeez i wish i could get that much. I’m trying to juggle A-levels with Elder Scrolls Online and it’s not going as planned.

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Who needs sleep? Right? :smiley:

@ElGenerale I forgot Honey Bees die shortly after stinging something.

It’s summer :smiley: But I went to sleep at 4:00 a.m, so I have only slept for 4 hours

Yep, maybe I’ll see a corpse soon

Maybe it’s still in your pillow. :open_mouth:

Yeah it seems to be a recurring thing, getting little sleep.