I just got my lost progress back with about 13 other elite characters

So everyone was a bit worried before the patch with the reset bug and how 2k said they couldn’t do anything besides give you a free character unlock. Well i guess turtlerock fixed that because after i played a game with the kraken where i was working on the last 3 challenges i had suddenly gotten elite on every character and level 40. Before i was reset i was 33 and had two elites, after i got reset i had gotten another two elites and reached level 38. This isnt really fair compensation because i didnt earn half of what was given to me and dont deserve it but im honestly not complaining… If your going to ask 2k to restore progress they’ll do this without really asking what masteries you wanted so you might want to tell them before hand. Heres a few pics showing characters i havent really used but have 100% completion on. image

TBH I’d be pissed if they did that to me. Big part of the game is skilling your characters, and getting everything finished for you removes all that.

But to each his own I guess, so congrats to you.

Well i was upset at first but I didnt want to complain about being given masteries after complaining about losing them too xD

Hey i lost everything-Complain.
Hey i got everything- More complain…

Seriously? Just run around with what you got ! Or just make a ticket and ask then to change back to some other level…

Soooo much complaints… Goddamnit…

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Im not complaining… Im actually kinda excited to show my new skins off this is just a warning to people so they know to be more specific when asking for progress back. I literally said im honestly not complaining in the post .-.

They give me an option of having myself put to level 30 and only tier I mastered I think. Which was less than what I had when mine got reset. But there is an option where you can still have leveling.

I also got reset to level 01 after being level 40, with 5 elite skins, ( abe, cabot, maggie, Caira, and parnell) and are just waiting on getting my levels back from 2k support. How long did it take them to give you your levels back? Been 26 hours waiting for me :I

K. Not complaining. AT ALL…

I actually wouldn’t be that bummed out about being reset. I would be mad about having to redo Cabot’s rail gun head shots and the Wraith’s sneak-pounce while invisible (dunno why but it seems like some aren’t registering) /225 abductions , but up here at level 40 it can get really difficult. It would be a nice refresh playing as an experienced monster player at level 1 compared to playing against people level 35+. I play on PC though and it seems to happen exclusively to Xbox players.

I meant its not fair in the sense that i didnt earn it and that i dont deserve it. What are you trying to prove here? xD

I dunno D: ,
I made an argument, n you countered it so its…emm… Kinda my job to prove that i was right n u were wrong… Its human nature, isnt it?

I don’t know why people are angry about getting everything, not really a fan of having those stats locked behind the mastery levels. Only thing I should be having to earn are skins.

Just because this is the internet doesnt mean we have to argue. Make love not war

It took me a few days since i didnt tell them the information they needed right off the bat but if you tell them the email associated with your 2k account right away you might get your progress back tomorrow. Im not sure of it but youll get your stuff back eventually anyway