I just got my first loss as Kraken, and I blame TRS


Joined right as the game ended. Nothing I could do didn’t even have time to activate the bot for my control. Got my first loss as Kraken due to you giving losses upon joining a game in progress. Do you plan to change this?


Haven’t heard that one before.


Hmm. Yeah, didn’t happen to me, but I expected for loss/win calculation to happen only if we actually took control of something. If he didn’t have time to even take control of the monster that’s kind of a dick move :frowning:


Yeah. Nearly happened to me as well, joined a game in progress, and I was thrown in the shoes of a domed, stage 1 Goliath with no armour and only 2 bars of HP left.

Miraculously pulled out of this mess and turned it around, proceeded to win by roflstomp at stage 2.

Still. I’ll be pissed the day I get tossed in a game that already ended. IMO, if you join a game in progress, it should NOT influence your W/L ratio.


This. So badly. THIS.


You indomitable badass. Remind me not to face you with pugs.


Sadly, it was Evac and the entire hunter team quit after this. They were obviously premade, as they employed the Beam Team Buddy System tactic from the devs.

Little did they know, I’ve had plenty of practice against that. ( Thanks @PeirsPryce, @GiantChiprel, @OtherpeopleIforgotsorry ! )


I’m sure there’s an army of angry players who take offence at not being remembered. They’ll be too busy playing Evolve to do anything right now, but oh well.

As for them leaving, that sucks. Not often you fight a good team. :confused:


Get your torches and hew picks!

No seriously I got it. Even if I’ve played with/against you, I wouldn’t remember… Really bad with names.

There was this pal who got really angry with me because I always referred to him as “the Canadian guy”. He always changed his ts I’d so not even my second monitor was able to help me…


I’d be fine if I was given a chance, but I just feel like I’ve been punished for doing nothing wrong :confused:


There’s another solution. Stop giving a crap about your ranking. Your first loss would eventually have happened and you can just stop whining and play.

That works too.


Yeah just a shitty experience. It’s fine though still not a good way to test my skill. You’re right.


I had 30/0 with Wraith when I got my first loss due to a bug, but tbh I find it I play better and enjoy it more now when I don’t care all that much about whether I lose or not. No more of that stress/anxiety.


+1 to this.Lost many matches this way.But truth be told i don’t care much.

I just hope stuff like this won’t exist in Ranked games.
If someone leaves a ranked game punish him but let the game continue with bot.At least i hope they make it this way


TRS took away the loss :joy:


Wouldn’t worry about it, i picked a bot for goliath and next second it was in a dome - at stage 1 and no armour.
Had no chance - my first loss! 30-1 now, lol.


Jumping in partway sucks because it always seems to be at a horrible time. Glad to hear they removed the loss, I’m really surprised u got it in the first place when u hadn’t even taken over the bot, so strange.

I was top 10 in my region for Hank up until two days ago when my leaderboard wiped :frowning: so I hear your pain.


I had this happen to me. They need to change it so if you join a game in progress the loss doesn’t count


I had something similar. Joined a game, jumped into a very injured Kaken, Stage one. I escaped the ongoing fight and evolved to stage 2. Then the timer ran out. ^^


I took over a bot goliath in the middle of evolving to stage 2, while domed, in rescue. :expressionless: