I just got my Elite skin for Behemoth so I made a showcase video for Bey


So purty.


Brohemoth is rolling in style now.



I still have 150 tongue grabs. :confounded:


Use Fissure as a launcher and catch them while they are in the air.


Congrats, broski. It’s beautiful.


Nice nice and congratulations. How was the grind through for the mid-air tongue grabs? Im also rolling with an elite behemoth (got him two days ago ^~^)


I got Behemoth’s Elite skin the day he officially came out and understand the immense challenge, gratz


So close to getting this beauty :frowning: only 75 more tongue grabs


Just got mine today as well. Spent bout two or three days of 4 hr gaming sessions in pubs grinding em out on poor hunters.

Anyone notice how the tongue grab indicator (the lovely spitball looking cocoon that appears around your target to indicate a lock for tongue grab initiation) would appear way off your intended target no matter how much you tired to close your crosshairs onto the target and yet still grab the hunter? Although there were plenty of times where this happened and it did not grab and better yet other times where the indicator displayed correctly right on target but still didn’t land a grab.

That and the dice roll effect of fissure which seems to work when it wants to :frowning: seldomly alongside rockwall. Makes me very sad sometimes.

EDIT: My apologies, I’m not trying to derail the thread. I love behemoth. Did anyone think that the elite skin would look different than it is?


The grab is in consistence leading as leading your target doesn’t work either as it will just damage them but not pull them

I think I’ll lay off rock wall for a while. That shit is unreliable, I’m better off with a decoy. XD