I just got back home from office, started Evolve and

…got crushed, literally crushed, by full team of 4 x lvl40 T4 hunters.
So, no, it was not a coincidence yesterday when it “seemed” to me they deal huge damage.
They deal INSANE damage.

So, I am just back to desktop writing this and evolve got closed for now :worried:

Crow does feel like he is doing the most damage among Trappers, or he is tied for it.

Honestly I don’t see why Trapper damage varies as much as it does - I’d set them all at an equal baseline with compensation for long/short range and the like.

I honestly don’t know how much damage Slim does, not sure how much of a factor he is in this.

As a Bucket enthusiast Sunny’s damage isn’t really outstanding, but she can dish it out more offensively than Bucket.

Torvald will wreck everything if you don’t either dodge his Mortars or get in his face.

Most of his damage gets shut down when focusing him - he is probably the weakest Assault in close range.

Honestly I feel like Abe does the most damage for the trappers, I can’t speak for the other classes as I have been able to stop playing crow lol


Maybe, I’m just (edit, not) sure how he and Crow compare exactly.

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I think that Abe is easier to play than crow. The tracking darts are auto track once they’re in, but to adequately play crow you need to be much better at predicting and leading your target.

If you are playing as the monster follow these rules and you will win:




Victory Roar

Depending on game length, my damage on Slim typically varied between 4-6k for short games and 8-10k for long games. Slim has incredible damage output.
One very long game I reached 18k damage, though I think our support was just spamming sunny’s jetpack boost that game so I had to deal a greater percentage of the monster’s health than normal.

I’ve tried Crow a few times, haven’t found him particularly powerful… Maybe because I got dome-aggro…

Either way, I didn’t notice any huge amount of damage from his sniper rifle (Compared to nuclear grenade launchers anyways). His slow gun… Does it even do damage?

I think the fun part about it shooting through armor is nifty…

But a lot of people disagree with me… So… Maybe there’s more to it!

Sunny does a TON of damage. Hits like a house. I haven’t seen/played Torvald to find out how he does, but rumors are he calls down the thunder, and is next to get spanked with the nerf stick.

OK, so I could not stand long without MY evolve :heart:
And decided to take revenge on low level innocent noobs with new account. I know this is not ethical. :pensive:
But I needed this today… :sunglasses:

Note the provocative name - as a form of “protest” :wink:

The Thorvald part couldn’t be more wrong. He can just aim straight up and shoot, and not only will he hit right in front of himself, the mortar shots will fly for less than a second(they fly about 3m up then fall down in front of Thorvald). If you focus him, you’re screwed.

The animation can be interrupted by knockback, and the aim up strategy placing the mortars in front is a miss if the Monster pushes him around with attacks.

i figured maggie does the most, followed by abes shotgun when fired at its highest rate

Really? Maggie? Wow, never would have thought.

i think maggie has it cause it makes up for her low accuracy. I could be wrong though. Im almost convinced that all weapons of a given class are meant to be equal to each other in said class, so like maggie would do the most damage but has low accuracy.

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