I just Cant. cya next week


No reason to play this week its seriusly so dumb that sunny and blitz markov is free to play this week they are clearly broken and still you put them on free to play so people can abuse it before the changes are coming in ?


Blitz Markov only does more damage than the regular one if you let him continously fire. Periodically throw a rock in his face or something, and he might as well be using a squirt gun.


The only way you get better is my playing. If you can beat OP Hunters you can beat anybody!


I really don’t understand these topics with Sunny. Since you haven’t met many Sunny players use this opportunity to learn how to fight one. Sunny has weaknesses you can use, just like any other hunter.
I remember back in the days when Kraken was released and pretty much every pub just got stomped because ppl didn’t know what to do against aerial monster. And again same with Wraith and his stealthiness.


with that range ofc he is gonna hit me


If it is interrupted for even a millisecond, it goes back to doing less than half the dps of OG Markov.


Nerfs are being planned for Blitz, Maggie and Sunny


sorry guys is just abit salty i didnt want drama


Trust me I understand. Things can get a little unbalanced, and if you are newer, sometimes it can be even more frustrating. Understanding all the character’s abilities and little quirks helps a lot with being able to take them. Blitz and Lennox for example do a LOT of damage, but only if the Monster ignores them and they stay in range.


is there any range difference for normal markov lightning and blitz markov tesla gun? it seems i need to get more closer for blitz markov to rack up the chain damage


yes normal markov has less range atm then blitz but it will change after patch hes range is 27.5 for blitz and normal is 24.75


[quote=“niaccurshi, post:7, topic:92444”]
Nerfs are being planned for Blitz
[/quote]Blitzkov needs nerfs?



Tesla Gun dps reduced to 125|150|250|275 from 150|200|250|275
Tesla Gun range reduced to 23m from 27.5

here are the unconfirmed nerfs for him the numbers might change but thats what the dev said



i find blitz more useful than normal markov, but i already feel his tesla range is shorter than markov? they gonna nerf it even more?


Sunny is literally the bane of my existence, all she has to do is spam her shield drone and boost her teammates jetpacks, and maybe lob a mini nuke at the monster now and then (usually when he attacks the shield drone)


she’s quite good pairing with a competent abe as i’ve found. with val supporting from behind

Sunny's Shield Drone; Way too effective

Judging by the numbers given, his range was actually higher than normal Markov.