I just can t do it anymore


i dont know what to do against maggie and hank anymore daisy just goes directly at you rather following tracks and hank is just to anoying to deal with i just can t do it i hate beyong redemtion being harpooned this is the worst this game offers (afters slows) and hank every time i lose track of him because when he goes invisible the assault always makes an explosion which because of the particles hank just goes away and i prefer to play against the base assaults than torvald i ve had enough of his mortars and griffin don t get me started with his damn harpoon because giving a recovery boost to the stamina when you get harpooned is not good enough his range should decreased because getting stopped every 3 seconds sucks the fun out of playing against a good team and then there s cabot and i swear i ll become mentally unstable if i hear the railgun shooting me again and again for antoher 10 min and seriously why does gobi see throught walls that seriously annoying and never mentioned because on a stream they said it was line of sight but beeing behind shouldn t count i mean the heck


…Nope. Not going to try and touch this one.

Let it all out :sunny:


what do you mean ?


He means we will wait for you to cool off abit before commenting

Sounds like you had a rough match mate

Everybody has that rage moment when a game goes awry.


5 consecutives matches with 2 wins 3 loss, i m a bit salty



I never had back to back losses with monsters but boy oh boy do they suck when I’m hunter


that s usually what happens i win more than i lose but i just couldn t do anything i had to run most of the time and when i go to fight i don t get any progress and i lose a lot of health


Wish there was a way for me to play monster for you and show you ways to fight em

It never really looks good on paper when that comp is up…


most of the fights i had maggie and laz and hank, because the assault was doing too much damage too fast and i get a grip on the hunters i could nt do anything


What system you on?


i m on pc so yeah



The buck stops here then my fellow monster


Godspeed bud


Change your strategy. Become a runner, not a sneaker. That’s what I did to combat Maggie’s. Its a lot more fun. I agree with you about the Gobi bs though. Being seen through the walls of the aviary is ridiculous.


that s what i did against maggie and it didn t work


and maybe the hunters on pc are maybe angrier than on xbone (i mean they re better, not judging)


Well you guys got them liquid cooling, diamong cpu n’ graphic cards and stuff.

Have no freaking clue how that plays into matches for my opinion to be of anything useful.


more details more responsiveness i guess, and more sparklez


what monster were u??


behemoth than goliath then kraken than wraith than behemoth


Not moving fast enough I guess. If your traversal stamina has any charges then you need to use them up when running. You should never havea full stamina except after a good feeding, after evolving, or during a fight. Maybe that’ll help you. Movement speed would be good too