I just 1v1ed a full HP Goliath O_O


Baited him into 7 mines, and lightning gun finished him off. TRS why you make such a good game :smiley:


I just 1v1ed a full HP Goliath…

Didn’t die until after the rest of my team dropped back in!


nice play man… but how did you get 7 mines you can only place 5 as far as i know


I guess some exploded and he placed them again.



And you didn’t even use Hank? GG, my good sir. Here’s a cookie: :cookie:


thats probably the case


:stuck_out_tongue: 10 chars


Had to jetpack dodge, and use the terain to hold out.


uhm nope
game mechanics do not allow for 7 mines to be placed at once


As stated previously, Goliath probs triggered two and he threw two more down.


That must have been one terribad Goliath.


Video or it didn’t happen :wink: Joking my friend! But would you happen to have footage of this? Would be cool to see!


Sorry I don’t. Was hyper focused, and didn’t think I’d come out on top :stuck_out_tongue:. I used the walkways on the left side of Damn to drop the ‘beast’


Ah shame! I have footage of me playing as cabot along with Markov, there were 5 mines placed down and I had the damage amp on him and he walked right into them! When I finish school i’m going to upload it :smile: