I joined the game as a hunter in red motorcycle helmet - not joking


Guys I am confused. I joined already progressing game and I could not take over any hunter, It looked like the game was full. Suddenly I am in the hunters dropship on the medics spot but the hunter was wearing red light-armor and motorcycle-like red helmet. I cannot find this character anywhere. I had a shotgun, a shield and one another weapon in the third slot. The fourth slot was empty.

I am very serious. What character was it ? Am I missing something here ? :smiley: I am seriously confused. I was dead wery quickly as the monster already killed everyone. I didn`t have time to make screenshot.

At the result screen I was rewarded as a Val character. I am not joking :slight_smile:


It’s a known bug I’ve seen reported, you were spawned in as one of the colonist soldiers.


Yeap that’s the Ebonstar guys who can been seen in evacuation.Its a bug it will get fixed soon


ahh okay, sry then for duplicated post. Anyway its very funny bug. I had a blast :slight_smile:


No big deal to anyone I’d imagine, just helping reassure you that you aren’t crazy and people know about it to look to fix. :wink:


This sounds like both a bug and a feature.