I.... joined a game as the EbonStar Ally recently


I joined an online game with Assault assigned as my preference. The game had already started, but a drop ship was coming in with Val, Abe and Markov. Bucket was the only survivor. I was on the drop-ship with the hunters (In the support’s spot) as an EbonStar Ally. My weapons were what appeared to be Parnel’s shotgun as my primary with Hyde’s mini gun as my secondary. There was nothing in the third slot. When we landed, the player who was controlling markov actually stopped and looked at me. “What?!” hit my ears over the com. Safe to say, he was confused. When I died again I spawned back in with Markov Val and Bucket. This time, both me and Markov were in the assault’s spot on the drop ship like some sort of bizarre Markov/EbonStar hybrid. The game ended in our favor. I was booted from the game (As the 6th player) and had to join another game.


Yea, this is a known bug. Hopefully a fix will come soon!


Very well known bug. ^.-


This game has alot of bugs but dammit i love the game.


There are a few invalid classes that can be gotten from improper game joins. EbonStar Soldier is the one that occurs when taking over a dead hunter. This can still happen even though the last patch said they fixed it; it used to happen quite frequently, so the patch did address it to some respect.

Because you’re an NPC class, you aren’t counted as a hunter but simply on their team. If the other three hunters are downed but you aren’t, the Monster automatically wins. The Monster sees the NPC icon next to your name when smelling.