I hope most Veterans of this game won't be rude this weekend

Just had a game on xbox one playing with all new players. Only one had a mic, so I was teaching him a few things. Well we ran into a monster he was some Silver skill, and I wouldn’t say great by any means, but had the game a lot longer then my team mates. Well my team isn’t great he is going to win no contest really. No big deal I think people are just learning I don’t care with a few losses, but the guy wouldn’t end the game. just keep messing with the players letting them run and such. I mean he knows they are new you can tell by how they play it was most of the teams 3rd or 4th game. Why do this to new players trying to see if they like the game? Okay you really want to smash new players. I don’t like it but you can do it, but at least don’t be a jerk, and drag out these games an extra 10mins long.


Are the pubs afraid that we’ll 420 no scope them all the way into the mountain dew waterfall?


That sucks :C If that happens again, just run straight into a carnivorous plant, that’s what I do.

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Thats just people in all gaming communitys or online in general. There are asses who just ruin the fun for everyone! What I do if I find anyone who is new is direct them to the video tutorials located on MainMenu>Extras>VideoGallery as the stuff in there can give them hopefully a decent Idea of what to do.

With ranked mode being the only multiplayer mode for Hunt, I am worried if I am going to get demoted (Which shouldn’t be a thing, but you might have the option to get demoted if you wish) if I play this weekend. I dunno. I want to welcome new players in the game, but I don’t want to lose my shiny silver…

But yes. I am nice to new players of the game, at least I try to be. Even if I want a good rank so I can have good team-mates for the most part, I know it is overall a game that is to be enjoyed, not some all-encompassing thing to view as a reflection on yourself and therefore all “bad players” deserve the most crude of chat-abuse.

Unless you are on an ESL team where playing well is important, but then again you wouldn’t be dealing with new players so… yeah.

I was trying, but the team mates without mics didn’t know any better. :confused:

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Hunt exists in the new Skirmish mode now as well, so you can play it non-ranked if you want.


I know its in all online games. Its just I would think all Evolve players would like to see the player base increase. I am not saying just let the hunters win, but I just wish they wouldn’t try to scare them off with this kinda play.

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I know I will be nice, heck I’m bringing one of my friends into the game so that he hopefully gets the game. Maybe this is Evolve’s turning point where we can have consistent over 1000.
don’y screw it up guys!


Well Ps4 ain’t getting any free weekend love so I guess the other platforms are lower in pop? That or TRS don’t like/couldn’t do it on Ps4.

The main problem is with new vs. new, monsters have the advantage because there are four hunters that can screw something up and lose. Monster screws up, he can recover.

Well the issue is that if the game ends too quickly and monster wins. Those people feel that the monster is OP and don’t like getting their butts beat quickly or badly (generally unfun)

If the game takes too long and the monster toys with them, the hunters might get tired with it (as what happened to you) or just quit because their bored, or they think the game is too repetitive.

But you can’t exactly have a middle spot. The best thing to do is the prolong the encounters a little longer than normal to take more damage and make it look like a close game. You want their adrenaline to rush and their dopamine to give them a feeling of “this was pretty fun, we almost had him” thing.

This is how I get friends hooked on my hobbies. :wink: good ol’ brain chemistry and psychology.

completely agree.

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if you have a monster that is “special” they do stand a good chance.

And by special you mean balanced?! XD


jk, sarcasm, I’m generally friendly. :slight_smile:

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That’s a lie cuz you scary!!! xD

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Only in stacks!

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Too many stacks then!!! FIX IT!!! xD

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If my team isn’t available I’ve been playing Skirmish and teaching ppl how to play their roles.
I take Trapper and just pick Crow or Abe because I don’t care if I get deaths on them lol