I hope for the love of [insert god here] this game is successful


This game is incredibly fun and it’s the best game I’ve played in ten years. That says a lot. However, with all this negativity and mis-information going around, delibrately or otherwise, I’m worried for it’s future.


As usual with most games that announce DLC before the game comes out, the internet goes into total freak out mode for no good reason. Also those people are mad at the wrong entity since 2K games is the one that is calling the shots on how all this confusing DLC is going to work. Overall though this game is a great value if you preorder since you get the 4th monster free and we also get all maps for free no matter what so the community does not get divided up over time.


And the forums are clean, which is a good thing.


I wouldn’t put too much stock in the negativity you’re perceiving online. Right now, the game isn’t out, people can’t play (Beta excepted) all they can talk about is the price point, or the DLC plan, or perceptions of the game being repetitive from reading an article or watching a video.

Once the game is out, there will be a WHOLE different set of things to talk about.


i hope the same but what bothers me is the loud bad majority refuse to learn better tactics or come up with new strategies will pressure trs into nerfing anything that seems powerful(laz caira wraith kraken{again} abe) and then we get a game thats lopsided for either side or where every game hits the time limit due to overall weakness i will stick with evolve either way but i just hope this does not happen


like how good the lore is and when are the books coming :wink: