I haven't bought evolve?! (Resolved)


Guys help me for some reason it says I have not bought evolve on my xbox one and prompts me to buy it but I already did awhile ago what do I do? I need to play my kelder!


Don’t do anything. Uninstall and reinstall the game if it allows you.


I uninstalled it but now it can’t reinstall it


Is it in your library?


when I uninstalled it, it completely disappeared I can click on it in my pins but it takes me to the store to buy it


Do you have another account to use?


I tried that it can’t install it at all and I don’t have $16.00 on me


Press “select” or as @TheMountainThatRoars put it, “the hamburger button”, when you are over evolve, then go to manage game. It should say “ready to install”. Try that…


I don’t have the option to manage the game it’s like it’s never been bought


That’s wierd :confused:. Hard reset??


one second


Take 2, they’re small.


please don’t tell me all my elites and my level 40 is gone not mention my skins and dlc


I wont lol. But seriously, I hope it will work out.


Those won’t be gone. They’re saved on the Evolve servers.


Thank the heavens!


hard resetting didn’t work


First, don’t panic.

Second, contact Microsoft Support. I suggest you call them right away.


Exactly. If you purchased Evolve through the Microsoft Store, they are going to have to be your point of contact.


I am talking to them right now