I have wraith unlocked and dunno how


Hi. first of let me say that im not a founder, and didnt even own the game when it was pay to play. yet somehow i have the wraith unlocked without having bhought it with keys.
im fairly sure it wasnt from a daily login reward, and the only time i ever played evolve before stage 2 was for 2 hours on a free weekend.
so where does the wraith unlock come from? :smiley:
im not complaining of course ^^ but this might be a bug that needs fixing

Wraith missing? (solved)

How odd.

calls hackz


Honestly that’s great imo, she’s a very easy monster to pick up (her concept is, not cause she’s a tad OP now in pubs) since her mobility is superb and helps you engage and disengage from combat to learn the essence of combat.


like i said, i aint complaining ^^
just thought i’d report this


Which monster is on rotation? Is it still meteor goliath or has it changed to wraith? This could explain it. :slight_smile:


It was Kraken first week (I think, my memory could be screwing with me though) now it should be meaty I think o.o


Nah it was meaty first if I recall correctly. I can’t look online very quickly at the moment otherwise I’d look myself. :smile:


Huh. O_O

Muh brain must be messing with meh


I could be wrong still, mainly because I’ve just woke up. :smile:


currently its meteor goliath(but loading screens say its kraken^^)
and the wraith doesnt have the red rectangle thingy on the corner so its not from rotation
is there any way to check what daily login rewards i had in the past days? so i can for 100% sure that it didnt come from there


It’s been Meteor Goliath since Stage 2 began, has it not?


That’s what I thought. Thanks for confirming. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure to be honest. I haven’t played stage 2 yet. A full monster wouldn’t be a daily login reward though. Not sure whats going on. :smile:


why not? theres hunters in there too, and they cost the same.
for example, if i log in tommorow im gonna get bucket unlocked


I thought it was silver keys and badges you got from them. I’m probably wrong though. @ToiletWraith is there any way to look at previous daily login rewards you have had?


Well, the Griffin adaptation is actually a daily login reward. :open_mouth:


That’s when you’ve logged in every day of the month I think? :slight_smile:


Oh. That’s true. My mistake, sorry.


That’s bizarre. OP Are you sure you didn’t buy a legacy key off a store like G2A or Amazon? There’s no way a F2P’er should have Wraith without having paid keys for it.
Either way, I suppose free is free, this isn’t the first time characters or DLC have been unlocked without someone doing anything, enjoy it I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


im sure, like i said i never owned the base game or any DLC, only time i played before the f2p update was for 2 hours on a free weekend, and i didnt spent any money on the game at that point
i guess its not a huge issue, as long as this isnt reproducable.
if it is, i have no idea how i did it :stuck_out_tongue:


I have her too, and I have no clue why I got her. I just looked in my characters one day and realized I had her.

I played it during the beta a long time ago, does that have to do with anything? That’s all I can think of…


Maybe you get her if you played either the beta or a free weekend?
even if you didnt own the game/any dlc