I Have To Say This


First off, I love the game. I think it’s one of the most complex, deep, strategic games that I have ever played and I have been hooked since the Big Alpha. The game feels so well balanced that it blows my mind… except the “W” word which I won’t say. Due to snow and weather around where I live I have played 85 hours and most of that time was with a really good group of players, we got along so well that we scrim against each other every day. Last week, we caught wind of these tournaments that were coming up and decided to train and see how far we could get.

Fast forward to the Chappie tournament and we made it to the final 32 teams and EVERY SINGLE MATCH was against ol “W”. Needless to say we got whipped and EVERY SINGLE W played the run around the map till stage 3 then supernova/Decoy the medic to produce the domino effect. Our monster was the only reason we got as far as we did and he played Goliath.

Feeling pretty disgruntled after that, with another tourney today, we made it our lives mission back in the week to counter that godforsaken decoy and supernova combo. We all got together and said let’s just run against W until we figure out a counter for it. Well I counted, we played 37 games against that build and you know how many we won? ZERO. We tried every composition, perks, no perks, etc and could not get anywhere with it besides a couple of close games.

There is just no downside to using that build - if the Trapper is an ace and manages to dome it by counting stamina bursts and warp blasts, then by some miracle it is getting wrecked in a fight? It will find a corner and send out a decoy to distract you while feeding, getting armor back, and reposiition by finding another cosy corner to snuggle up in and repeat till it’s free. When you do keep tabs on him after the decoy, each shot makes her blink for a millisecond, then she’s back to her free roaming. Fire helps a little but it is still not enough and more than likely you will be nowhere near close enough for the flamethrower any way.

Well again, fast forward to the tournament today, and we made it to the last 4 teams and guess what happened? Every team used Wraith and used it in that exact way, it was infuriating to say the least. It’s just a shame that every tourney match we have played, has went the exact same way because of that specific build and terrible monster players can get away with it.

Our monster went Kraken every time and stomped every team we played and even said that none of these teams are all that coordinated, they are just putting all their eggs in the W basket and counting on that to grind out wins. When I lose to that build, I just feel ripped off, like i was not even given a chance to hang with it. Every time I lose to goliath or kraken, I always feel like I/we could do better next time and the monster deserved that win. Fighting the Wraith is just following it around and trying to corner it for 20-30 minutes, then having it come decoy, hit whoever, then come back uncloaked only to finish the job.

After all those losses tonight and the other night, we just decided to stop playing in tourneys till they fix the W or ban it for now, what’s the point? After 20-30 hours trying to counter that stupid thing we give up. Am I missing something? Is anyone else having similar experiences?


Holy wall of text Batman! That is very hard to read. For future reference, it would help to break that up into separate sections for readability. Wraith is known base breaker at the moment. She’s getting tweaked in the upcoming patch. Nevertheless, many people have found ways to beat wraith. It’s just typically not fun to fight.


People can beat a competent w that uses decoy/supernova? How? Sorry bout the text, didn’t think about breaking it up.


The people that say it’s “easy” to counter wraith…I’m sorry I just can’t believe that.

But with that said here are a couple strategies I like to do when fighting a wraith, have Abe on your team and (if you even manage to done it) be sure to spam your status grenades and mske sure to dart it. If the wraith is running throw stasis grenades in front of it and make it VERY important that your team does not shoot at it as it will regain stamina.

Important note number 2, have your medic in a high place but close to your trapper so you can quickly get in that heal burst if needed.

If medic is being focused on have your support close to cloak them.

Remember, mines are your best friend here if using Markov, Hyde is also a very good counter as the damage over time he deals reveals the monster if it’s close to Hyde.

And lastly only use your jetpack when it uses supernova and decoy, height is your best friend when it comes to these.


Yeah, unfortunately too many bad monster players who can only win by abusing broken tecniques.


Double jump out of the supernova bubble? Can’t always do it, but don’t just stand around in it.


The problem is, the Wraith was intended to be the hardest monster for players to run with. It was designed to be elusive because it is squishy, so only the more experienced players would choose Wraith over Goliath and Kraken. However, it now appears to me that the opposite is true. People are taking Wraith because for the most part, lets face it, it’s an easy win if the Wraith player is relatively decent with being a monster. Wraith can make several mistakes and still win without breaking a sweat…where a very elite team of experienced hunters can have one little thing go wrong and you never return from it.

After a while playing against Wraiths, I have to say when I see her pop up on the screen I just feel daunted. When I go up against Kraken or Goliath I agree, if I lose I KNOW it’s because the monster bested me and I have to get better. When I lose to Wraith I just kinda feel like that was expected anyway, so good on me for sticking around, at least the monster had fun. I’ve had so many close games and wins, yes, but I’m not thrilled with those matches. I just don’t have much fun playing against her, even when we do win.


Actually me and my dudes have like lost by 2 or 3 wraiths out of 50?Like its the easiest monster to kill(not to hunt there is a difference).I do find Wraith frustrating simply because he can avoid the Domes if he wants to.But in-fight we got nothing to fear from him


I’m actually not scared of wraith, just like I’m not scared of any other. Good players worry me more than anything, and I only learn that after I play them. However, when I go up against a wraith I sigh in exhaustion and prepare myself for a 15-20 minute series of laps around the map. That’s why I don’t like it.


Markov, laz, hank, abe. Nuff said


TBH, I feel that in organized play Wraith suffers against good teams and Supernova is arguably her weakest ability. Easy to dodge out of and extremely easy to punish the Wraith for.


I find that people will lie about how many wins they’ve had against certain characters especially when they frequently use the character.

Wraith is manageable with Markov not so much with and other assault I’ve had some success with Parnell. This is beside the point though I’ve beaten down teams with that I struggle to beat with the other two. Wraith is by all means an easy win character it takes low skill to avoid the hunters hunters in or outside of dome and requires even less to down one.

The most frequently used moves by Wraith players are decoy and supernova one is basically an auto aim damage skill the other encourages rapid button mashing. I rarely see abduct being used and warp blast is mainly used to gain distance. Most of my Wraith wins are honestly timed out. It spends so much time running when we get close (no shooting) we just follow by the time he realizes what happened he’s got about one minute left he tries to quick evolve we either dome him there, run off in different directions or set up next to the relay where there a very few places to hide everyone has one some are the relay.

This being said I just recently destroyed my friends. They had infinite strikes on lol


I’ve found Hyde is really good against the decoy because you can flame and poison to reveal the invisible wraith. Just thoughts.


Agreed, all 3 Assaults are viable against Wraith.


You guys are getting lucky games I have yet to fight a wraith who didn’t teleport into the sky and use decoy.


That is exactly what we tried. No dice. Ugh it’s so frustrating.


Sometimes I think I must be playing this game wrong, because when I play wraith I mostly either secure a win or get slaughtered in less than ten minutes at stage 2. Whereas, while I’ve been trying to learn kraken it always stretched into twenty minutes or so of me desperately trying to get enough time to stage up and then dying.


And then they fall straight down? So start shooting at where they should be? I’m confused why that’s a bad thing.


Tried that too.


I think you might be missing your shots then.