I Have To Reinstall Evolve For No Reason. Any Help?


Bit of a pain but my PC and the game froze up for me when trying to join friends in observer. This resulted in me rebooting my PC which after coming back into steam is now telling me to reinstall the game.

I don’t have the best internet and don’t really want wait over 24 hours for the game to reinstall. This “bug?” has a happened to a few of my other already installed games and have no clue why. Wondered if anyone else has had this problem and knows a quick fix? Not sure if the files corrupted or what…


Did you try to verify the cache yet?


No Ill give that a go


Said the cache was successfully verified but steam still wants me to reinstall it seems.


Check the fourth post.


Yeah seems I must have corrupted the files when shutting down my PC :frowning: Ill have to just wait it out…


Try maybe restarting your computer first or sign out and sign back in your Windows profile.

Sometimes I have it that Evolve is not responding and gets stuck on a black screen. Simply signing in and out of my Windows profile worked (or restarting it).