I have tickets to see Dave Chapelle!


Then from Mars we head to Shear!

I have seen a few comedians but Dave Chapelle is probably the biggest and I can’t wait to see it!


I really missed Dave and the Chapelle show. Have fun, I hope he has his groove back.


You lucky guy!


I hear that he has been doing well! Either way it will be a cool experience!


Maybe it’s time for a comedians thread. I been ramen has a thread. I would love to see Gabriel Iglesias live, I would take him a cake.


He’s try to lose the weight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you changed your avatar. Threw me off.


Just happened today, got to move with the times.




Funny story, I had dinner with Gabriel Iglesias once. My ex-girlfriends family are good friends of his, and whenever he’s in town he goes over to their place for dinner. One time she invited me over to meet him. It was sooooooo fucking legit!


So jelly. :cry:


He’s a super nice guy, man. Of course I hardly said anything to him. I was SUPER star struck, lol.


I have never seen his stand up in person, but have watched a bunch of it. I can say you are lucky because he is so funny. I am jelly


Holy cow! One of the best experiences in my life!


He did a show in my town last night. After he finished he went to a Stevie Wonder show a few blocks away. When Stevie started playing “Superstition” Dave got on stage and started dancing.


@Rapterror Are you taking your girl, Rapterror? :wink:


Taking my girl where?



To Dave Chapelle. Thingy.


I’m not going… This isn’t my thread…

I am taking her to the Three Days Grace concert though.


Oh yeah. I…forgot…Huh.


I am just that forgettable haha